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10 Best Coffee Makers in 2020- Have Your Cup of Joe Ready to Go




Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91-RB

Can you move in the morning without sipping a cup of coffee? I can’t and I believe that I am not the only one.

You see, adults would really love a dose of caffeine in the morning to jump-start their day, and while there are instant coffees out there, nothing beats the taste of a freshly brewed cup of Joe.

In this article, I will go over the best coffee makers in 2020.

Why You Need a Coffee Maker

While it is easy for you to just grab some instant coffee, the taste of it doesn’t compare with a freshly brewed cup of java.

Coffee makers are pretty convenient in that you can boil some fresh coffee beans and have it drip into its carafe for you to put into your favorite cup.

They are pretty convenient because all you need to do is set the filter up, place your coffee beans in, and add water. Once that is done, you just press some buttons and you are ready to go!

All of the coffee makers that will be highlighted in this article are really great at what they can do. I’ve collected some of the best in the market in terms of price, performance, and ease of use so that everyone can have a nice hot cup every morning.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get on with the recommendations, shall we?

Best Coffee Makers

1.Breville Precision Pro Brewer

Price: $299

Breville Precision Pro Brewer

The best overall coffee maker, at least in my testing, is none other than the Breville Precision Brewer. It is indeed on the pricier side, but its build quality, as well as its performance, warrants its hefty price tag.

What I really love about this particular coffee maker is that there are a ton of presets that anyone can use so that they can get the perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Whether you place cone filters, flat-bottom filters, or even pour-over attachments, this product can handle them without any problems.

The build quality is just amazing and its presets can be configured to your liking. It has a ‘Gold Cup’ button that instantly adjusts its water temperature, thereby adjusting brew time to the industry-standard.

This is the only coffee maker I would recommend for beginners and coffee enthusiasts alike.

If I had to state some negatives, it would be that the said coffee maker is quite bulky and its price tag is definitely up there.

But seriously, if you want one of the best of the bunch, this is definitely on top.

2.Bonavite Connoisseur 8-Cup-One-Touch

Price: $104

Bonavite Connoisseur 8-Cup-One-Touch

If the above recommendation is just too expensive and too big for your setup, then the next one might be an appealing choice for you.

The Bonavita Connoisseur has a compact design which means that you can easily place it wherever you want in the kitchen.

Its standout feature is its ability to ‘pre-infuse’ your coffee grounds. Without getting too technical, this just means that the machine will drip some water on the coffee grounds so that it spreads evenly before brewing- thereby giving you the perfect cup of coffee.

Another great feature is that it has an 8-cup carafe which means that there is a lot of coffee that can be shared with your entire family (though not for kids).

It is efficient in what it can do and its affordable price makes it quite appealing to the masses.

3.Sage The Bambino Plus

Price: $489

Sage The Bambino Plus

Before anything else, this product is also known as ‘Breville’ if it is sold outside of the UK (thus, it is essentially called Breville Bambino Plus outside of the United Kingdom).

That being said, there are some people that would love to have a frothy cappuccino and if that is something that you want, then I would highly recommend this product.

It has two presets that basically program the machine to make you a cup of espresso or two cups if you want a heavy dose of caffeine in the morning.

What I love about this product is that it heats up easily. So easily, in fact, that it can boil water in a matter of seconds!

What’s more, you have different color options to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can choose between smoked hickory, brushed steel, ivory, black, and navy blue.

There are also some temperature adjustments and buttons that you can press if you want to enjoy other types of coffee.

Although it is quite expensive, this is the best coffee maker for making espressos with.

4.Cuisinart DGB-800 Burr Grind & Brew Automatic

Price: $180

Cuisinart DGB-800 Burr Grind & Brew Automatic

If you want a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, what you usually have to do is ground the coffee beans up beforehand. But, that is just too cumbersome a process and that is probably not something that you want to do early in the morning.

That is where the Cuisinart DGB-800 comes in. It comes with a Burr Grinder that specializes in grinding coffee beans evenly, thereby producing a well-balanced cup of java.

The coffee beans pass through two different grinding chambers to ensure an even outcome, which is pretty different compared to other similar coffee makers.

Despite having a grinder in place, it is still pretty quiet in its operation so you won’t annoy the neighbors if you want a cup of coffee very early in the morning.

For its price, I would definitely recommend this one if you want a more balanced brew.

5.Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG

Price: $309

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG

If you want a fast coffee maker in the sense that it can give you brew in a matter of minutes, the Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG will be your best friend.

Aside from the fact that you can easily disassemble the product for cleaning, I also love the fact that it has an adjustable brew basket. Why do I love the said feature? Let me explain.

You see, one of the most common things that can happen when you use a coffee maker is that when you remove the carafe from the machine, it tends to drip some coffee on the base which is pretty annoying.

The adjustable brew basket just ensures that the brew head will be sealed before removal, thereby preventing any spills from happening which is a very nice thing.

If there is one thing that I would point out that I didn’t like, it would be its brew basket. Well, not the particularly useful feature, but the fact that it just feels too cheap. And, for the asking price, it could’ve been better.

Still, this product is definitely a must-have if you want a coffee maker that is easy to clean.

6.Cuisinart DCC-3200

Price: $70

Cuisinart DCC-3200

You will be surprised that this coffee maker is affordable yet has features that rival its more expensive counterparts.

There is a lot to love with the DCC-3200. First, it has a pretty big carafe that allows you to brew up to 14 cups of coffee with it. Not to mention that it is double-insulated which means that your boiling brew never gets cold when it is inside.

You also have the option to stop the process mid-brew if you want to have a cup of java in the quickest time possible. If you want a complete brew, you can also utilize its 24-hour feature which ensures that the machine works as intended ‘round the clock.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you can adjust the consistency of your coffee. You can either have it watery or you can have it as rich as possible.

Seriously, this coffee maker packs a punch and I am surprised that it has an affordable price tag.

My only gripe with it is that it does have a large footprint, but other than that, this is one of the best affordable coffee makers on the market.

7.Bunn 10-Cup Velocity Brewer

Price: $99

Bunn 10-Cup Velocity Brewer

With a relatively small footprint, the Bunn Velocity Brewer has a 10-cup carafe that can almost instantaneously provide you with a cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

It is one of the fastest coffee makers out there in the sense that its process ensures you get your much-needed ‘pick-me-upper’ almost instantly.

Although some reviewers have stated that the hotness of the coffee is not up to par with their standards, consistent use deems it a moot point since the brew is consistently hot to the taste and touch.

Its design is classy and its relatively compact design allows you to place this product anywhere you want.

8.Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91-RB

Price: $70

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91-RB

This particular coffee maker is well-known for its consistency and efficiency. The BVMC-PSTX91-RB from Mr. Coffee is mostly made of stainless steel with some plastic accents here and there.

Its carafe is not made of glass, but rather it is made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel material that ensures your coffee will remain hot for extended periods of time.

What’s more, it comes with a removable water reservoir which means that you can easily fill it with water without having any problems whatsoever.

I especially love the feature that allows you to automatically have it brew coffee at specific times of the day, which is pretty nice.

9.Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Price: $179

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

One of the best programmable coffee makers out there that don’t break the bank, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System allows you to make a lot of different drinks thanks to its presets.

Not only can you have a nice cup of Joe, but you also have the option of having some tea, cold brew, or iced coffee, among many others.

Its additional module allows you to make amazingly creamy cappuccinos without you ever having to try so hard to do that.

What’s more, it has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the coffee maker off when it is not in use.

10.Keurig K-Elite

Price: $170

Keurig K-Elite

If you prefer using single-serve coffees, then the Keurig K-Elite is for you. It has a large water reservoir that allows you to make 8 cups of Joe before you need to refill it.

It has a nice design with brushed aesthetics so it should easily fit in with your overall kitchen aesthetic without a problem.

You can have the option of having an extra-strong brew or you can also enjoy cold brew if that is what you prefer as well.

Not only that but you can also enjoy some tea if you want to detoxify your body.

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9 Best Portable ACs in 2020 That Will Help You Deal with the Summer Heat





There is no denying that summer is fast approaching. Although some people embrace that as a season to get tanned, the heat of the summer months gives off something that most people find unbearable.

True enough, there was a study that was conducted about a decade ago that air conditioners have helped prevent heat-related deaths by up to 80% since the 1960s.

If you do not want to deal with the summer heat, get yourself an air-conditioning unit. Today, I am going to be talking about the best portable ACs in 2020.

Things to Consider

Before buying an air-conditioning unit, you must first know a few things so that you can get the best one for you.

For starters, you want an AC that is easy to install. You see, while portable air conditioners can be moved from one place to another, it doesn’t mean that they’re all easy to set up. If you do not want to have the hassle of cumbersome installations, make sure that you get one that is known to be easy to configure.

Aside from that, you’ll also have to look at the BTU of the unit. BTU is just a measure of the AC’s ability to cool down a particular room measured in square feet. The higher the number, the bigger the room it can (theoretically) cool down.

You also have to think about the design. There are air conditioners that use a single-hose or dual-hose technology. The former uses a single hose to exhaust hot air while the latter makes use of two hoses- one for exhaust and one for intake.

Other nice additions would include a remote control, the ability to pair up with your mobile device, and a multi-year warranty (preferably 3 years or more).

Best Portable ACs in 2020

1.SereneLife SLPAC10

Price: $359

SereneLife SLPAC10

If you want one of the best portable ACs on the market that you can find today that is offered at a relatively low price, the SereneLife SLPAC10 is for you.

It is an air-conditioner that is rated at 10,000 BTU that can effectively cool down a room that is about 450 square feet.

The unit has three operating modes which can help you dictate the machine how much powerful cooling you will need. This is perfect for whenever the heat is quite unbearable in your household.

I also love the fact that this AC has a built-in dehumidifier and an air purifier that can help prevent dust and other allergens from circulating in your home.

It is quite portable and its caster wheels allow you to wheel it in and out of any room in your house without any problems. Although you can technically carry it with you, I wouldn’t recommend it because it is a bit heavy.

Still, if you want a portable AC that is loaded with features that don’t have a steep price tag, the SereneLife SLPAC10 is definitely the one to get.

2.Honeywell MO08CESWK

Price: $420

Honeywell MO08CESWK

If you have a relatively small house and you do not want to spend a lot of money on an air conditioner that can do a lot of things for you, this Honeywell AC is a good choice.

It has a 10,000 BTU rating which is the same number as that of the top recommendation but it is a bit more portable thanks to its lighter weight.

Aside from the fact that this unit comes with its own dehumidifier, you can also set it to run at set intervals during the day. That is thanks to its controls that are quite easy to understand.

You can set it to turn on automatically at specific times of the day without any intervention which I believe is a really nice touch.

People will surely love its auto-evaporating system which effectively alleviates the need for manual draining. Therefore, you need not maintain this unit too often than others.

3.Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose

Price: $534

Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose

If you have a large house but you do not want to spend $1,000 on a competitive air-conditioning unit, then the Whynter ARC-14S is one that I can recommend.

It has a pretty good BTU rating of 14,000 which means that it can effectively cool down a house that is between 600-750 square feet big.

This portable AC has a dual hose design which, as I’ve mentioned earlier, uses two hoses that act as an intake and an exhaust. It also has a dehumidifier that can theoretically drain as much as 101 pints of water (moisture) per day, though that is probably just a threshold. Still, a lot of people actually love its built-in dehumidifier, so that tells you that it is doing its job really well.

Aside from that, it has an air filter with activated carbon that ensures that your home will have fresh air circulating all throughout.

My only gripe about this unit is that because it uses a dual-hose design, you should position it near a window so you can route the hose for the exhaust outside.

Other than that, this is a pretty competitive portable AC that I can wholeheartedly recommend if you have a large house.

4.LG LP1017WSR

Price: $429


If you intend to cool down a medium-sized room, I can recommend the LG LP1017WSR. It has a 10,000 BTU rating which means that it can effectively cool down a room that is up to 450 square feet.

Its aesthetics are plain and simple but that is okay because it is pleasing to the eyes. But, despite its modest look, it does have some pretty nifty features baked into the machine.

Aside from the fact that you can have this air-conditioner turned on at specific times of the day, it also has an auto-swing ventilation system that helps eliminate hot spots in the room that you put the AC in.

In addition, it also has an auto-evaporating mechanism that eliminates the need to drain its water receptacle from time to time- giving you peace and convenience.

Although it has a dehumidifier, it is not as good as the other ACs on this list. Still, for $429, the LG LP1017WSR is a pretty good contender.

5.hOmeLabs 14,000 Portable AC

Price: $550

hOmeLabs 14,000 Portable AC

Even though you are going to get a portable air conditioner, it doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t noisy. In fact, there are some really serious offenders when it comes to the noise department, so if you value silence more than anything, the next recommendation will suit you perfectly.

The hOmeLabs 14,000 portable AC, as you can tell by the product’s name, is a portable AC that has a 14,000 BTU rating. That means that it can cool down even the largest of rooms and it has a simple and easy installation process.

Its strongest feature (aside from its cooling capability) is its silent operation. You would expect that this powerful air-conditioner is loud when it operates, but that is not the case here. In fact, at only 45dB when fully maxed out, this is one of the most silent portable ACs on the market.

Other nifty features include a remote control, washable filter that ensures only clean air is circulating in your house, and a competitive dehumidifier that can remove up to 100 pints of water in your house in a day.

6.Haier HPC12XCR

Price: $425

Haier HPC12XCR

If you need a portable AC that can cool down a relatively large room, the Haier HPC12XCR is another great choice.

Its 12,000 BTU rating ensures that even the larger rooms get their fill of cool air. I love the fact that its cooling capability remains consistent across the board thanks to this unit’s ability to remove moisture from the air while it is cooling the room down.

This model uses a dual-hose technology, so although it is quite portable thanks to its caster wheels, this unit is not something that you can easily move from one room to the next.

Despite the fact that it uses two hoses for its operation, it is still quite easy to install. You just have to be wary about the placement of the hoses.

Another strongest feature of this portable AC is that it is one of the most energy-efficient units on the market. So, if you worry that your electric bill is going to shoot up, this air-conditioner is for you.

7.Frigidaire FFPH1222U1

Price: $520

Frigidaire FFPH1222U1

This next portable air conditioner is a unique one because aside from its capability of cooling down a room up to 600 square feet, it can also help provide heat in the winter as well.

The Frigidaire FFPH1222U1 has a 12,000 BTU rating but what is interesting is that you are also given the option to use the unit as a heat source in the cold winter months.

It has an automatic temperature readout in that it can automatically adjust itself to cool down a room if the ambient temperature goes beyond a certain threshold.

Aside from that, this air-conditioner also has an automatic swing functionality that you can enable or disable if you wish. This feature will automatically help circulate cool air more effectively than having it stationary.

Because this unit has an all-black color scheme, it may or may not suit your preference. However, from a pure cooling perspective, as well as its unique ability to act as a heater, I can still vouch for this particular air-conditioning unit.

8.Whynter ARC-122DHP

Price: $525

Whynter ARC-122DHP

Whynter is a reputable company when it comes to portable air conditioners and this next recommendation certainly deserves some praise.

The Whynter ARC-122DHP is one of the most powerful ACs on the market. It has a dual-hose design that can effectively cool down a room much faster than others.

What’s interesting is that like the previous recommendation above, the ARC-122DHP can also act as a heater as well. This multi-purpose AC is worth buying just for its flexibility, but it also comes with some nifty features as well.

It also has an auto-evaporation system which means that you no longer have to worry about manually draining water that was condensed due to its operation. This particular feature automatically shuts down the unit’s compressor, allowing it to dissipate any water from its reservoir.

Of course, it should go without saying that it also has a washable carbon filter that makes sure that the air that is circulating inside your house is clean and fresh.

The only thing that you have to be wary about this unit is that it is the least portable among the ACs on this list. But, if you are not going to move this air-conditioner a lot, then this is worthy of your purchase.

9.Blaux Portable AC

Price: $120

Blaux Portable AC Faq

Now, all of the portable air-conditioners on this list are technically mobile in that you can put them in any room in your house, but not all of them are that portable.

You see, even if you have the ability to place them anywhere you want, you actually have to set things up first before you can use them. That is why some people that buy portable ACs rarely bother moving the unit elsewhere in their homes because of this.

If you want a truly portable air-conditioner- one that you can bring with you anywhere inside your home or office- then look no further than the Blaux Portable AC.

This unit is relatively small and has a cubed design that allows you to place the unit anywhere you like.

Instead of using hoses, this particular air-conditioner makes use of the power of water. You just fill it with some water in its reservoir and then turn on the unit and that’s it.

It is truly portable because instead of having to plug this device into an electrical outlet, it makes use of rechargeable batteries instead. And, charging this unit doesn’t require a lot of hours- just two hours at maximum is needed.

Although it is certainly not as powerful as some of the ACs on this list, it is good enough that it can cool down a small to medium-sized room.

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The 6 Biggest Benefits of the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner That You Should Know




Blaux Portable AC Review 2020

One of the worst things that can happen to you on a hot summer day is constant sweating. Even if you intend not to go out there and bathe under the heat of the sun, you might find yourself constantly sweating beyond belief.

A good way to remedy the situation is to turn on your air conditioning unit but using a fixed AC might not be the best solution.

Fortunately, the Blaux Portable Air conditioner has got you covered. Read further to find out its biggest benefits and why you should consider this over the other portable air conditioners on the market.

What is It?

The Blaux Portable AC is exactly what you have in mind. It is one of the best portable air conditioners on the market and that is thanks to its very compact form factor.

You see, one thing that you might not know about portable ACs is that although they have the word ‘portable’ in their product category, they are not exactly something that you can move in and out of a room on a whim because they usually require cumbersome installations before you can use them.

Fortunately, that is not the case here. The Blaux Portable AC is truly a portable AC that you can bring with you anywhere you want- whether it be in your home or in your office.

Instead of using a single or dual-hose design, this air conditioner makes use of the power of water to cool down your room.

So, what makes this product stand out above the rest? Well, for you to understand that, you will need to know its biggest benefits first, so read further to find out what they are.

The Benefits of Using Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC

1.Ease of Use

Unlike other mobile air conditioners out there, the Blaux Portable AC truly embodies a ‘portable’ machine. You see, if you want to use this product, you no longer have to do cumbersome installations as you would do with other air conditioners.

With this one, you simply just place it in the room that you intend to cool, add water to its reservoir, and then turn on the device. It is that easy!

2.Truly Portable

The Blaux Portable AC has a compact form factor and it doesn’t weigh much which means that you can bring this with you anywhere you want- may it be in your living room or your bedroom- the choice is entirely up to you.

Furthermore, this product doesn’t make use of any cords at all because it has some built-in rechargeable batteries instead.

3.Effective Filter System

The problem with some air conditioners out there is that they rarely have robust filtration systems in place. That means that dust could be circulating in your house and that is something that you do not want.

Fortunately, you will not have that problem with the Blaux Portable AC thanks to its highly effective filtration system. Cleaning its filter is so easy that you can do it yourself.

4.Silent Operation

Most air conditioning units out there produce a lot of noise. So much so that the noise itself is something that is worth considering when buying such a thing.

The Blaux Portable AC is so silent that you can barely hear that it is on. It only produces 30dB of sound which is quite inaudible for most people.

5.Different Fan Speeds

Now, to dispense some cold air from its chambers, the Blaux Portable AC makes use of an internal fan that can run at various speeds. What speed you use will impact how long the device can run.

For the most part, setting it to the lowest fan speed should keep a relatively small room cool, but you can increase the fan speed if you want it to be cooler.

Its variable fan speed control also allows you to control how audible or inaudible the device will be when it is cooling your room.

6.Smart Lighting System

When you look at the product from above, you will find that it actually comes with a lighting system. Now, it serves a lot of functions.

First, it tells you if the battery is going to run out soon, thereby letting you know when to charge the device before it runs empty.

Second, its subtle lighting can be great to set the tone and the mood of the ambiance you put the product in.

Blaux Portable AC FAQ 2020


The Blaux Portable AC is a true portable air conditioner that you should get before the summer days come.

Priced at just $125, this product provides incredible value and it should be one that you consider getting if you intend to cool your room at any time of the day.

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7 Best Home Theater Speakers in 2020- Go for the Full Cinematic Experience




Dali Oberon 5

So, you’ve got yourself a really nice 75-inch OLED SmartTV and you also have a capable Blu-ray player as well. Now, all you have to do is to get a very good home theater speaker system to elevate your viewing experience.

You see, while the things on-screen are important, the sound that your content produces is also equally important as well. And, while you can certainly use your TV’s built-in speakers, they are mediocre at best.

Today, I am going to be talking about the best home theater speakers in 2020. Always go for the full cinematic experience!

Aim for a 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound

Most of the home theater speaker systems consist of either 5 or 7 main speakers coupled with a subwoofer. These systems are called ‘surround sound speakers’ simply because they provide an overall immersive sound experience.

That being said, while you can use your TV Soundbar if you have a really good one, nothing compares to the intensity that you feel when you have a complete speaker setup.

With all of those things being said, let’s start with the top 7 list, shall we?

Best Home Theater Speakers

1.SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System

Price: $1,000

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System

The SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 speaker system is ideal for audiophiles but because it provides surround sound, it is also great for a home theater setup as well.

One of the things that I love about this speaker system is that aside from the fact that they are quite easy to install, its placement is quite easier thanks to the smaller satellite speakers. But, do not let their small stature fool you as they can definitely support the lower frequencies really well.

Keep in mind that for you to take advantage of this speaker system, you must have a compatible AV receiver. That being said, its 20-150 watts amplifier power just makes it known that it can produce a really good sound overall.

It is able to support frequencies from 69Hz to 25KHz so you can tell that it doesn’t have any problem with either its bass response, the highs, and the mids.

To complete the setup, it also has a front-firing subwoofer which, for all intents and purposes, can produce an overall balanced sound. It is not punchy as the other speakers that I will talk about on this list, but this definitely deserves some praise due to its smaller footprint.

Speaking of which, people will love the SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System because it is very compact, meaning, they are easy to place and install, and for the quality of sound it produces, it is worth the money.

2.Dali Oberon 5

Price: $1,199

Dali Oberon 5

There are some people that take into account how the speakers look like so that they can fit them into their home theater setups. If you have a knack for the aesthetically pleasing, the Dali Oberon 5 might be for you.

This is a 5.1 speaker system that gives you two tweeters, one center speaker, and two floorstanding speakers, coupled with a relatively powerful subwoofer.

Its subwoofer, despite its more compact size, can output as much as 170 watts of power which means that it should not be taken lightly as it can produce a punchier bass response if needed.

The soundstage of this 5.1 speaker system is more balanced and on the warm side so there is little need to tinker with the settings as they are pretty good right out of the box.

There are a lot of color options to choose from. You can either choose the Dark Walnut version, Black Ash, White, or even Light Oak, so there is plenty for everyone to complete their setups the way they want it.

3.Onkyo HT-S7800

Price: $549

Onkyo HT-S7800

While the previous recommendations do provide impressive sound overall, they are over $1000 and some people might not want to spend that much money on a speaker system. If you want a relatively affordable 5.1 surround sound speaker system, this next one’s for you.

The Onkyo HT-S7800 is a 5.1.2 Dolby-certified surround sound speaker system that delivers impressive sound for the price. It is a 5.1.2 system which means that you also get two additional surround speakers that you can place at the back for a more immersive sound.

Ideally, you want to place the additional speakers at the back, but some of them can actually be installed on your ceiling since they fire sound upward instead of forward. Still, you have the choice of where you want to place them as they are fine when it comes to an audio output standpoint.

Because it is a Dolby Atmos speaker system, you can enjoy a more impressive surround sound than others, although if you are not an audiophile, this wouldn’t make much of a difference.

If there is one thing that I do not like about this system, it would be that you cannot manually turn the device on without turning the receiver on as well. This can be annoying if you want to use the speakers for other purposes, but if you are okay with this, then this is one of the better sounding affordable speakers on the market.

4.Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack

Price: $1,575

Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack

While there are 5.1 surround sound speakers that have pretty compact and portable tweeters, you want to go for the bigger ones if you want a more immersive soundstage and that is where this next recommendation comes in.

The Q acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack is a 5.1 speaker system that has two satellite speakers for the left and right channels, a center speaker, and two floorstanding speakers that you can place at the back.

I want to talk more about the floorstanding speakers because they are definitely worth mentioning. It comes with a couple of woofers and a midrange driver that can accommodate the lower and mid frequencies really well. So, if you happen to watch a movie with a lot of shaking here and there, this speaker system will definitely be able to simulate the vibrations needed for an immersive experience.

What about music? The 3050i speakers truly deliver on this front. Although you have to tweak the EQ settings of your receiver/player, it can definitely handle any audio signals it can receive.

Its subwoofer can only output 150W of power but it is still quite powerful as it can support the lower frequencies really well.

Lastly, the speakers themselves are quite stylish and they have a matte finish that makes it easier for you to clean them from time to time.

5.Elac Debut 2.0 5.1 Home Theater System

Price: $2,000

Elac Debut 2.0 5.1 Home Theater System

Some speaker systems rarely have compelling center speakers. What does this mean? Well, if you do not have a good center speaker, voices and dialogues cannot be easily discerned because the quality is just not that good.

Well, the Elac Debut 2.0 speaker system is set to change that. Aside from its amazing center speakers, its tweeters can also pack a punch as well. And, do not forget that it also comes with two floorstanding speakers with 3 woofers each that are able to handle the lower frequencies with aplomb.

Its 200-watt subwoofer also produces a punchy sound and it is great if you are watching action and adventure movies.

The speakers have an all-black finish and their design just makes it easier for you to adapt to your current setup.

Really, the only thing that might hold you back is the steep price of this package, but I do have to say that every dollar you spend on it is worth it.

6.Jamo S 807 HCS

Price: $690

Jamo S 807 HCS

You will be surprised that this next one is a 7.1 surround sound speaker offered at an affordable price.

The Jamo S 807 HCS provides a dynamic sound that is tough to beat at this price point. It is a Dolby Atmos-certified speaker system which means that you will have no problems enjoying your bass-filled tracks.

While its bass is a bit softer compared to the other speaker systems on this list, its subwoofer can pretty much rectify that problem.

Even though the package comes with two floorstanding speakers, the other speakers that are included are compact so you can easily place them wherever you want.

Where this speaker system falls short is its high-frequency response. It could have been better, but hey, it is offered at an affordable price so there really is no reason to complain here.

7.Vizio 5.1 Smartcast Soundbar System

Price: $250

Vizio 5.1 Smartcast Soundbar System

Okay, for the really budget-conscious out there that still want to elevate their home cinema experience, the Vizio 5.1 Smartcast Soundbar system is one that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

As you can probably tell by the product’s name, it comes with a huge soundbar, two satellite speakers, and one subwoofer. Now, you might be wondering if this is truly a 5.1 speaker system and it actually is.

You see, its soundbar is filled with a lot of woofers and drivers so you can still get that full surround sound experience regardless. This just makes it more convenient for you as the setup process has just been made so much easier.

You place the soundbar at the front of your TV and the satellite speakers can be put at the back. The subwoofer should be on the side of your display for a more immersive experience.

The speaker system connects to your TV via the HDMI ARC port which means that you can also take advantage of its Dolby Atmos technology as well.

My only gripe with this package is that you will need to turn on your TV or receiver before you can use the entire thing. Again, if this isn’t an issue for you, this is one of the best budget home theater speaker systems on the market today.

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